Which is better for you: Linux or Windows hosting?

When choosing the right web hosting plan, you have to choose between two types of servers: Windows or Linux. If you hire your hosting without understanding the difference, you expose yourself to long-term operational problems. Here we give you a brief introduction to know which one to choose.

Generally, web hosting providers offer two types of hosting: Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting. This refers to the operating system of the server where your data will be stored and has nothing to do with the operating system of your computer, but with the type of programming of your website.

That is, even if you use a Mac at the office, a Windows hosting may be convenient for you. Or the opposite: it may be that, despite using Windows to work, the best thing for you is a Linux hosting.

So, what should you take into account when choosing the web hosting platform? Here are some quick notes.

Who is Linux hosting more suitable for?
In general, Linux hosting plans are considered to be the most recommended for most users. The explanation is very simple:

Linux servers and the applications that they use typically drain fewer resources than Windows.
Linux attracts fewer malware attacks.
The ecosystem of Linux-compatible programs is impressive and comprises many of the best web applications.
Lastly, Linux is an open source system. This means that the hosting provider does not have to pay for Microsoft licenses, and in many cases this allows it to offer better prices than with Windows hosting.

Who is Linux hosting more suitable for?
For all its advantages, Linux is not the right solution for everyone. The more you depend on Microsoft programs, the more likely you will need Windows hosting.

In particular, it is better to choose a Windows hosting if:

Your company website is based on some Microsoft technology, such as ASP or ASP.NET. The scripts and web pages developed with these programs only work with a Windows server, since it processes them before the page loads (which Linux cannot do).
The relational database on your website uses Microsoft SQL Server.
However, opting for Windows hosting does not limit you to Microsoft products, since a quality hosting plan will include some Plesk-type panel to facilitate the installation of applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or PrestaShop.

However, compared to Linux servers, Windows hosting does not offer the same range of applications and has fewer support resources in case of problems with applications such as WordPress.

Conclusions to know whether to choose a hosting in Windows or Linux
In short, you will need Windows hosting if your web project has used programming languages ​​such as ASP or Visual C #, .Net or Net Core technology, patented by Microsoft and that have no alternative in Linux.

If not, a Linux hosting is usually the most recommended, since they are cheaper plans and with an equally excellent performance.

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