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This blue plasticine is the best invention to clean your keyboard or your car

It looks like a blue ‘flubber’, but in truth it is an ecological and self-cleaning mass that reaches the most difficult places to clean in your house, be it a keyboard or the cracks of a piece of furniture

It does not have the same art to dance nor will it make your car fly, but this mixture similar to the main mass of the movie ‘Flubber’ will leave you the keyboard or the most difficult to access nooks of the house like the jets of gold.

Many brands sell similar products, but the most popular and sold in online stores like Amazon is the one manufactured by Syosin.

There are almost inaccessible places such as the gap between the computer keys, the gaps between the buttons on the remote control, the gaps between the neck of a guitar and the strings or the gaps of the car fan that you forget to clean or simply leave as impossible.

A surmountable laziness if you know what that dust and dirt that accumulates everywhere is made of. Yes, there are probably food scraps if you are one of those who have a snack while teleworking, but the most common sources of dust, in addition to human skin (200 million skin cells are lost in just one hour), are flour, sand and insect debris.

Not just any insect, they are dust mite waste that is especially attracted to human skin. That is to say, there under the keys you have a whole civilization feeding on your dead skin, since a portion of dust can contain up to a thousand mites, with their more than 250,000 stools included.

less than 13 euros

Now, with the desire to clean renewed, the tools that are usually found at home are not very effective for complicated places and this is where this mass plays a key role, which you will find for less than 10 euros on Amazon, with the option to buy a pack of two for less than 13 euros.

Its operation is very simple, just open the jar, knead a little product with your hands until it becomes a ball and place it on the surface we want to clean. Afterwards, you have to press the product a little several times before gently removing it, like when you remove an adhesive or a plaster.

The product promises to remove 95% of dirt and bacteria in a single pass, without leaving globs or product residue, from printers, keyboards, air conditioners, speakers and other appliances. Also works on cell phones, toys, instruments or car cup holders.

This biodegradable cleaner is non-toxic, does not stick to your fingers, and leaves your appliances with a mild lemon fragrance. In addition to being ecological in its composition (water, ethanol and guar gum), it is reusable until the dough turns dark, at which point you will have to replace it.

Do not try to wash it with water since the integrity of the product will be affected, leaving traces and affecting its operation. Remember to also keep it in the pot each time when you finish using it, this way you will prevent it from drying out.

Among the recommendations for its use, they warn not to use this cleaner on oil stains or on LCD screens, because despite not leaving traces, it can produce some mark that would be removed using a cloth. To avoid accidents, it is recommended to use on unplugged appliances.

In addition, as a plus, its touch and smell are ideal for fans of slime ASMR, that is, ideal for those who enjoy or find a peculiar satisfaction in videos in which other people’s hands knead a colored gelatinous substance.

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