The Google Chrome trick that will save you hundreds of hours browsing the Internet

Google Chrome has created a new function to display web pages after doing a search so that we can quickly know if the page we are going to consult will be of any use to us

Searching for information on an unknown topic on the Internet can be a frustrating experience. The large amount of information available added to a high competitiveness for positioning keywords among the owners of web pages causes that the first results that Google shows on a topic are not always what the user is looking specifically for. In the end, in practice the user looking for something has to go around opening and closing different tabs until he really finds what he was looking for. An activity that, although not excessively laborious, ends up wasting a great deal of time.

A widespread problem among Internet users in which the Google Chrome browser has introduced a new function in, for the moment, it is available in its version for Android mobiles.

This is the “check page” function, a new option with which we can see the content of a web page thanks to its preview to quickly know if it is what we are looking for. If so, we can open the content in a new tab. Meanwhile, if it is not what we are looking for, we can continue browsing in search of the web that really solves our doubts.

This new “check page” feature is already rolling out for the Google Chrome browser on Android devices. Specifically, since last Wednesday, February 10, according to 9to5Google.


It is shown to users when they press and hold on a link on a web page. The feature is displayed between the “Open in incognito tab” and “Copy link address” options.

When clicking on “review page”, a pop-up window opens that shows the content of the web, and in which the user can navigate in a normal way, scrolling and clicking on links for example. At the top of the floating window, two buttons allow you to close it or open a new tab in Chrome in full screen.

In this way, Chrome users can see what a web page looks like before clicking on the link and, with this information, decide if they finally want to enter the site or not.

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