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The Dominion. gay is now available for free registration

Since last September 16, everyone can register generic .gay domains. The .gay extension is a symbol of inclusiveness that allows you to proudly represent the LGTBIQ community. Discover all the details.

Since its inception, the Internet has been a place to meet and be known, where to establish relationships and express yourself. However, despite this open environment and the possibilities to access endless resources and people, the network also hides sources of prejudice and discrimination.

.GAY: a domain with added value
Despite being technically the same as other domain extensions, .gay is pioneering because it is the first TLD to honor decades of struggle and progress.

But it not only aims to make people, businesses and LGTBIQ organizations visible, but also aims to offer them access to relevant information and services, and create a space where they can connect on an international scale in a safe environment.
This domain is open to everyone, without restrictions or labels, and only those who promote intolerance and prejudice are left out. Any page that uses the extension to incite hatred or belittle the LGTBIQ collective, or any domain name that includes offensive words or encourages harassment will be eliminated.

In this sense, although the promoter of .gay cannot monitor all the content in real time to comply with this policy, it undertakes to investigate all complaints against .gay pages that defame or violate the integrity of people.

In addition, registering a .gay domain is a way to directly support the LGTBIQ cause, since 20% of the proceeds from each new registration will be donated to organizations that fight against homophobia, such as GLAAD and Center link.

A new extension with a lot of potential
Before creating the new domain, the registrar studied the needs and opinions of the different groups that make up the LGTBIQ community, in addition to surveying its allies and possible users.

According to the results of the questionnaire (conducted in October 2019 in the United States), 61% of people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or other members of the LGTBIQ community stated that they are more likely to use a page .gay for the value they see for the collective.

Likewise, the results showed that both future users and buyers agree that .gay domains have the potential to:

Open more online spaces that faithfully represent the LGTBIQ communities and offer them a better digital experience.
Strengthen relations between the various LGTBIQ groups and their allies.
Help LGTBIQ people and their allies to find companies that offer specific content, while allowing companies to demonstrate their support.
On the other hand, 59% of community members consider that the .gay domain improves their online experience, while 57% of members and allies of the community affirm that the .gay extension promotes freedom of expression.

For all these reasons, the .gay domain is a magnificent option for the entire population that wants to support the different LGBTIQ groups: from individuals and professionals, to organizations and activist groups, through all kinds of businesses – shops, discos, hotels, etc.— who want to create an internet space dedicated to LGBTI + communities around the world.

Get in touch for more information
The registration of .gay domains is immediate and names can be reserved between 1 and 10 years. In Nominalia, in addition, .gay includes many more services, such as several email accounts with antivirus and antispam, static hosting without limitations and a web editor with SSL, as well as telephone assistance 365 days a year.

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