The best “smart” or connected clothes and accessories

Bracelets, watches, headphones … are three of the most common wearables on the streets and in the market. But there is life beyond them, there are smart clothes and accessories of the most surprising.

In the technology section of “Boulevard Magazine” of Radio Euskadi, Eva Rodríguez de Luis, Xataka, brings us up to date on the most surprising wearables on the market.

Smart glasses are probably one of the most striking wearables and one that sooner or later will become popular. A good example of this is the Echo Frames, Amazon’s smart glasses. These glasses are glasses to see because what is intelligent is its frame, which has the Alexa voice assistant, which allows you to ask questions, manage our agenda and calendar, ask for music or the radio, navigation, receive notifications from the mobile, control the house demotic …

The Oura Ring is the most popular ring, especially among celebrities like Will Smith, Manu Ginobili, Saquille O’neal. Among its assets, its discretion, since it looks like a normal ring and is available in gold, steel and silver from 300 euros. Like other wearables for health, this device is used to measure our activity, heart rate and sleep. In addition, its position, much closer to the body than bracelets and watches, makes it a particularly precise device.

Around 100 euros

Another solution is to wear a pendant like Leaf that you can integrate on a chain, bracelet or brooch. After installing the app on the mobile, we will see our activity, sleep and the menstrual cycle. It is sold as a pendant and its price is around 100 euros.

Smart Earrings are connected earrings that we can synchronize with our mobile to receive their sound, so that we can take calls, talk to the assistant, receive notifications …

And in the covid era, masks cannot be missing in their smart version. The most advanced, which can also be marketed is the LG Puricare, about 159 euros.

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