The art in the cinema …, opportunity to know the great works and get the tools to be an expert

The journalist, writer and film scholar Raúl Criollo, who collaborates with this newspaper with the column El shelf de lo insólito, will teach, via streaming, the diploma course Art in cinema, the other cinematography, from March 13 to May 29.

Regarding the agenda, objectives and calendar, the television producer also pointed out: “There are 10 sessions under the concept of art and cinema, but based on the precept that cinema is an art and its very nature as an artistic creation that has a special and unique condition, which brings together the talent and knowledge of many arts; In other words, music, photography, architecture, dance, theater pass through him. With all this stuffed into the set, it becomes the great symphony of all the arts. Under this idea there are a series of notable titles that have transcended in the history of the seventh art ”.

Consistent with the idea that cinema is the largest entertainment medium on a world scale, but also with the various ways of enjoying it, analyzing it or simply observing it, Criollo added: “The idea is to start from the formation of the cinephile; that is, everyone likes or approaches the cinema at some point; It does not matter the platform, if it is in a home theater, in an exhibition chain or via streaming. The cinema has a lot of edges and possibilities to be appreciated.

“The objective of the diploma is for people to be able to learn about and acquire the tools that sometimes escape the movie buff, who becomes an expert and trains the eye by seeing a set of images, which makes him a great observer, a good analyst of stories, of characters. We also want that when putting a great classic to see how it is made, that he knows from the origin, what is the cinematographic language, how a work is conceived, how it starts, how a filmic story is built, from the essence of the literary story. “

Functional and pleasant

Criollo added: “The purpose is for the attendees to get to know the great artistic works of cinematography and to become cinephiles with all the tools to understand cinema, and to be someone who enjoys not only from the technical analysis, but from all the little things that has the cinematographic art. This graduate has the tools to be functional and pleasant. Here we overcome the use of tools used in the classroom; this course has been conceived in a virtual way and has everything to make it dynamic and interactive ”, highlighted the co-author of the book I want to see blood! Illustrated history of the cinema of fighters.

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