Sonos Roam is the most advanced portable speaker of the moment

It adjusts to the acoustics of a room and switches between WiFi and bluetooth automatically, is waterproof, has a 10-hour battery life and can be added to other Sonos systems

Sonos today unveiled a new product, Sonos Roam, a wireless speaker the size of a half-liter water bottle, which connects via both WiFi and Bluetooth, which can be integrated with other brand speakers, and features various technologies. advanced to improve your sound quality.

Roam will be available from April 20 and will cost 179 euros. It is a fairly high price for this class of speaker, which can be found much cheaper in the catalog of other brands; But Sonos is a high-end brand, something like the Apple of sound; and they justify that price in a number of ways.

The first would be that Roam can be integrated into Sonos sound systems like a portable device: if you are at home, you can transfer the music from one room to another with the press of a button and have all the speakers connected via WiFi. If you are away from home, Roam works by bluetooth and connects to the mobile independently as soon as it recognizes that it is no longer connected to WiFi or other systems.

In the same way, Roam has a technology that Sonos has dubbed AutoTrueplay and that basically makes the speaker adjust the reproduction and sound balance according to the acoustics of the room in which it is located. It is a technology that the brand had already developed for Move, its first portable speaker with bluetooth capabilities.

Roam is shaped like a prism and can be used both upright and lying down. In its ‘front’ part it has some perforations that are brand of the house while in its ‘back’ part it has a USB-C port to charge it. At its base, there are the components to charge it wirelessly (Sonos sells a base separately, but it is compatible with anyone that uses the Qi standard) and at the top there are three buttons that protrude slightly and that are used to control it, although it is designed so that you operate it from your mobile most of the time.

Since Sonos does not marry any company, it is possible to use all kinds of voice assistants with the Roam, although it will not be possible to use the speaker microphones to take calls, for example.

Sonos has a loyal audience who have no problem paying that extra fee in the price for their equipment, which usually last quite a few years in operation and which allows, since a sound bar, a subwoofer and other speakers, all connected by Wifi; set up an advanced surround sound system without the need to run cable in the middle of the room.

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