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Razer Anzu: polarized glasses with built-in speaker

We are used to high-tech glasses designed to protect against fatigue or blue lights, but how about glasses designed to protect you from the sun and to listen to music without the need for headphones.

The Razer Anzu are for that. They have been announced today, they have two designs (not rectangular and another rounded), they weigh less than 50 grams, are flexible but durable and have a price that, perhaps, is somewhat high for what we are used to seeing in these products: 210 euros .

Razer has launched its first glasses to listen to music via bluetooth and protect from the sun

Its speaker is 16mm and they also have a microphone in case you want to take a call while you take them, so perhaps that is the reason why they have a somewhat limited battery of only 5 hours (they are charged by USB, by the way) . They work with both iOS and Android, and the application, with which you check its battery and you can change its equalization, is available in both operating systems, so any mobile works with them.

Their wireless technology is up to date: they have Bluetooth 5.1, the latest standard, and the latency is low at 16 milliseconds. And when you are listening to music with them, you can use the touch panel present on their pins to move between songs or raise and lower the volume.

This type of accessory is still a rarity and is not very popular, but those who want to try something different, have here in the Razer Anzu an original and novel device.

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