Mexico must adapt to AI technologies

On this occasion, thanks to streaming, the RIIAA brought together the Mexican Artificial Intelligence ecosystem so that the interaction between Mexican and foreign actors could be achieved, as well as between the research and practice communities with the aim of catalyzing the development, adaptation and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the country.

The third edition of the International Meeting on Artificial Intelligence and its Applications (RIIAA) was held in its entirety virtually last August 2020.

According to Jennifer Enciso, organizer of RIIA, from the first year of this meeting, it seeks to strengthen the AI ​​ecosystem in Mexico and Latin America. “There is a great need for young people on this issue and above all for the application of tools in industry and government.”

The RIIAA is organized by a group of Mexican graduate students, academics and professionals who already work in the industry abroad and contact specialists in the area. They develop and apply AI to specific sectors such as healthcare.

In this context, a series of keynote lectures given by specialists from around the world were seen by students from various countries around the world, who also had the opportunity to attend their summer school. “If we do not start to implement and adapt these technologies there will be a greater lag at the educational, economic and health level.”

On the other hand, she said that it is erroneously believed that AI tools will be replacement but they have all the utility of enhancing the capabilities of the different systems in the country. It is a necessity to adapt to these tools and the pandemic only comes to show it more.

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