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Learn English online for free with Google Word Coach

Word Coach is a tool from Google that allows you to train English vocabulary. It brings a Quiz with words, where you need to hit the correct option to score. The feature is free and can be used as many times as you want.

Today TecMundo teaches you how to use the tool on your phone (iOS or Android), without the need to install a specific application. Check out:

Using Google Word Coach

To access Google Word Coach, first open your phone’s browser. Then type: “Google Word Coach”.

A screen will appear with the first question out of a total of five. During the Quiz, some images are also presented where it is necessary to correct their meaning. If you don’t know or have any questions about answering, you can also skip the question.

At the end of the round you will receive a score and a summary of your mistakes and successes.

If you miss a question, the tool itself will give you a brief explanation related to what the correct answer would be, just select which one you want to know the meaning of (as shown in the image below).

You can continue the game as many times as you like, just press the “Next Round” button. Remembering that the Quiz gradually increases the difficulty, that is, getting more and more difficult.

Now you know how to practice your vocabulary, and you can also play sharing your score with friends. Also check out our list to start learning English with a series of online courses, and five specific Udemy courses to upgrade your curriculum.

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