How to activate the animated stickers of WhatsApp

After months of rumors, the animated stickers of WhatsApp have been a reality since yesterday, when the company announced this new tool, which came along with other news that were partly overshadowed by it. Although they are not yet available for everyone, we explain how to activate animated stickers in WhatsApp.

Although the function could take a few weeks to be available to everyone, these are the steps to follow to use the stickers

For WhatsApp animated stickers to work, it is necessary to have version of the application on Android or version on iOS (or higher, in any case). To find out what our current version is, go to Settings, select Help and once inside, click on Application Info.

To download the correct versions you have to enter the application store and look for the update, although it may take time to appear in some cases. Entering from the mobile on the company’s website you can also get the latest version.

If after updating to the latest version the animated WhatsApp stickers still do not appear, a possible solution is to uninstall the application and reinstall it. However, it may not be enough, as the function will gradually arrive.

In any case, once it is available, to use an animated stickers in WhatsApp you will have to go to the same place where the static stickers are and there select one of those that is in motion.

From this same tab it will be possible to download new animations (initially, by the way, they will not be infinite, unlike gifs), which have been created by various developers. Those we receive can also be saved as favorites to store and use later.

At the moment it is only possible to download the animated WhatsApp stickers that the company includes in the store, but it is not possible to enter your own stickers yet (although it is expected that this function will reach the application).

In addition, WhatsApp is also going to add a new way to add contacts: QR codes. Each user will be able to scan someone else’s code to add their phone to their contacts, so there is no need to save the number manually. From the application itself, a code can be generated and read to save a new phone.

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