Halo Infinite to Launch “Fall 2021,” According to 343 Industries

The company has shared some of the news of the development of the game, which finally has a launch window

Halo Infinite already has an approximate release date: Fall 2021. Joseph Staten, one of the writers and creative directors of the Halo saga, was commissioned to break the news, in a 343 Industries post on Halo Waypoint.

In addition, details about the game have been shared in the entry, whose delay to sometime in 2021 was announced in August this year. Thus, 343 Industries assures that it has worked on the graphic section of the game, in details that go from the fog to the impacts and erosion that the armor will suffer over time.

In this sense, the company wanted to highlight that the first gameplay shown was intended to show only that aspect, so “the art and visuals did not reach the standard that we set for Halo”, even if it was a moment in the they were still working on it.

Thus, the team highlights the challenge of “combining the simple and clean forms of classic games like Halo 1 or 2 with the requirements and expectations of the new generation in Halo Infinite.” In this way, they claim to have managed to find a balance between modern and classic aesthetics.

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