Freepik: free graphic resources for designers and developers

Freepik is a search engine for free graphic resources that helps you find the necessary elements for any design or development project.
Whether you work as a graphic designer or a developer, having a handful of available resources on hand when starting any project is always a great help. You may need something quick and simple, or you are looking for inspiration for your own design, or you may be a programmer and that of the beautiful interfaces is not your thing and it costs you to even draw a stick figure.

Many are the sites on the Internet that offer everything from icons or stock images to color palettes, PSDs and vectors. Many are paid and offer you access to a gallery of resources for some type of monthly subscription. The ones that are free are not usually of much quality, but if you search well you can get more than one hidden gem. This is the case of Freepik, a website that stores around 1.4 million graphic resources available to download for free.

Freepik is really a search engine that helps you find good quality designs. It indexes free content that has been published on the web and gives you quick access to all kinds of graphics. Despite this, you will find quite a lot of your own and exclusive content from the site designed by the Freepik team.

You can find almost anything on the web: stock photos, illustrations, vector graphics, icons, PSD files, logos, patterns, business card templates, invitations, infographics, etc. All free and free to use. Freepik has a zero tolerance policy against the use of copyrighted material and makes an email available to users to report any resource that is on the site and does not have permission to be used.

The content use licenses vary depending on the author, and for this you have to go to the source of the asset. But the search engine only places elements that are free to download. Freepik is a great tool that not only serves professionals but any user who may need graphic resources at any time and does not have the skills or the budget to create and obtain them in another way. If good cannot replace a professional designer… it helps a lot.

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