Chrome 89 arrives loaded with news to slow the rise of Microsoft Edge

We detail all the news that are about to reach your Google Chrome browser, including a reading list or search tabs.

Although the Chrome browser is still the most popular among all the offer available on the Internet, the truth is that Microsoft is doing very well with the new Edge, and to combat the competition the new version Chrome 89 includes numerous news that we give you to know.

Google Chrome 89 is about to reach our computers featuring news such as the renewal of profiles, a simple reading list, the arrival of tab search on desktops, compatibility with Web NFC and many other new features that we will explain to you. following.

As shown in 9to5google, we have the inclusion of an interesting renovation of the Chrome profiles opting for a modernized page to select profiles as soon as the browser opens. There is also a selector available from the drop-down menu that appears after tapping the avatar image next to the multifunction box. After synchronizing data, we can customize the profile with a name and a theme color that will help, for example, to differentiate the windows.

A new option

With Chrome 89 will also come a simple reading list that we can enable by touching the star icon in the address bar. A new option “add to reading list” is included, and we will also be able to access everything that we had saved in the “reading list” folder found in the bookmarks bar. Here we can find the pages that we have included in this list divided by unread and pages that you have read.

On the other hand, we will also have the search for tabs that reaches desktop computers. To do this, touch the drop-down icon in the upper right corner to get a list of open pages. The default browser shows five at the same time, although we can also quickly close tabs from this place.

To safeguard our security and to encourage the adoption of HTTPS on web pages, when users do not specify this protocol when entering a URL, Chrome 89 will first try using HTTPS. There are also other more technical novelties such as web NFC that will allow websites to read and write to NFC tags.

To check which version you are running, simply access Chrome settings through the three dots located at the top right of the screen. From there select “help” and finally “Google Chrome information”.

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