A temporary outage of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram affects tens of millions of users

The platforms owned by Facebook Inc, including WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, in addition to the social network Facebook itself, have temporarily stopped working this Friday afternoon for tens of millions of users.

The fall, which lasted just under an hour, has affected 90% of WhatsApp users worldwide

The outage tracking website has been one of the first to perceive the incident, which has quickly been confirmed by thousands of comments on other forums and social networks, such as Twitter.

According to, which is based on user information, the blackout has affected 90% of those who use WhatsApp worldwide, including those who do so from Spain. WhatsApp has around 2 billion active monthly users, making it by far the leading messaging app on the planet.

The ruling began to be felt in our country minutes before 6:30 p.m. this Friday, when users have seen their conversations frozen and have realized that they could not send or receive new messages. The fall has also affected Instagram, where you could not upload images or update the feed.

The incident has been resolved shortly after seven in the afternoon, Spanish time. During the time that the breakdown has lasted, Facebook, owner of those platforms, has not made any comment. Yes, one of its Twitter accounts, Facebook Gaming, has done so, which has assured that they had “problems that affected Facebook products, including game broadcasts” and that their teams were working to solve them.

A spokesman for the group confirmed this blackout to the AFP agency shortly afterwards, which he attributed to “a technical problem.” “We have solved the problem for everyone and we apologize for the problems caused,” he added.

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