5 mistakes that are usually made when creating a website

Creating a website may seem simple, however, it is very important to take into account some mistakes that are usually made when creating a website and that can jeopardize your positioning. Remember that it must offer a good user experience and be attractive. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for us to achieve the objectives we set for ourselves.

A web design agency like ours usually takes into account the errors that we are going to comment on below and that, you may have already made when you created your website. A web design agency can help you correct the mistakes that, without realizing it, you have been able to make. However, you are surely interested in knowing what you have been able to do and what you should not, as it seriously damages your website.

  1. Unprofessional web design
    Creating a web design in WordPress can be relatively simple, since you have templates that will help you give your page a professional touch. However, you may not have chosen the most appropriate one or you have not known how to get the most out of that template that could give you.

Remember that, although the templates already come with all the elements arranged, you can give it your own personal touch by adding your logo, changing the font, the elements that appear on the landing page, and so on. A good design will make the difference between an attractive website and one that is not and, in addition, it will be essential to improve the user experience.

  1. Low value content
    Another mistake that is usually made when creating a website is filling it with low-value content. Phrases that other companies reproduce on their pages and that do not transmit anything, even errors that can destroy the credibility of the web for users in a few seconds.

For this reason, it is convenient to think very well about the content that we are going to publish on the website. It is not the same to say on the Home Page of the website “Marketing and communication company” that “Communicate your product better and reach the customer you want.”

  1. SEO has not been worked on
    If the website is of recent creation, it can be understood that all the work that is being done regarding SEO has not yet paid off. However, there are some mistakes that can be made even when we are focused on this work.

The web will not be optimized for the search engines if it contains meta descriptions and duplicate titles, articles with very little text and of low quality, Black Hat SEO strategies… All this will only penalize the web page instead of yielding benefits.

  1. The domain is confusing
    The domain of the web page must be clear and, therefore, it must not be too long. For this reason, we must take into account that it is easy to pronounce, simple (if words have to be reduced, they are reduced) and that it is significant. Users must already know, through the domain, what they are going to find.

However, avoid using hyphens, words with “ñ” and numbers. Remember that it must be a simple domain without too many frills. This way, customers will also remember you better.

  1. Immediate pop-ups
    While it is true that pop-ups are an excellent tool to guide users to subscribe or go to the sales section where they can find products at a good price on our website, they can be unpleasant if they do not stop go out while browsing and make reading difficult.

On many occasions, as soon as you enter a website, a pop-up appears to subscribe. But, the user has not yet had time to see the page and know if, really, that subscription may or may not be of interest to him. Therefore, it is better to reduce the number of pop-ups and prevent them from appearing the second after entering the page.

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