2020 Game: the free game in which you must flee from all disasters throughout the year

Its developer, Max Garkavyy, has already raised $ 15,000 in donations thanks to the success of this free game

The year 2020 will take a long time to come out of the collective imagination as the worst 12 months (with its 366 days, which was a leap) in recent history. Driven by that idea, 2020 Game was born, a browser game in which the mission is simple: flee at full speed towards 2021 … which may not be as good as it is painted.

To play 2020 Game you just have to enter this link, either from your mobile or computer, and use the arrow keys that appear on the screen (in the case of the phone) or those on the keyboard itself (if we are in a team with one) to move the protagonist around the screen and make him jump.

end of 2019

The action begins at the end of 2019, where we can get familiar with the controls, and takes us to the first months of 2020, when fires ravaged Australia. Later, of course, the pandemic arrives with the attack of its viruses, the fall of the Stock Market and the confinement.

The retro design of 2020 Game is very careful and there are winks and details in all the maps of the game. In addition, there are humorous touches at all times, such as the TikTok screen or the collection of toilet paper.

Behind 2020 Game is developer Max Garkavyy, who, by his own admission, is currently employed “in a boring office job at a large company.” This title has helped him to become known as a developer and that is why he has opened a donation page that allows him to dedicate himself to it.

At the moment Garkavyy has already raised about $ 15,000 in more than 2,200 donations, which puts him close to his goal of $ 20,000 with which, if all goes well, he could continue developing video games … in 2021.

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